Our business units

Published at July 13, 2018
Updated at March 16, 2021

Le Groupe La Poste has adopted a multi-business unit model, in order to consolidate its position as the leading local service provider. This is also the best strategy to ensure that no opportunities are missed. This choice will allow the group to withstand the test of time. For that reason, activities have been structured into five business units. This has not been left to chance; it is an informed choice, designed to address present and future challenges. Specific missions and common synergies allow Le Groupe La Poste to develop the innovation of its public service values, to offer you the best possible support on a daily basis.

  • The Services-Mail-Parcels Business Unit... delivers mail and parcels six days out of seven and develops new local public services

  • The La Poste Network… ensures that everyone living in mainland France and its overseas departments has access to a postal presence that is tailored to their needs and no further than 5 km from their home address

  • The Banque Postale… promotes universal financial inclusion via digital technology as part of an innovative, responsible, citizen-focused approach

  • GeoPost… responds to strong growth by exporting the La Poste French expertise in express parcel delivery throughout the world

  • The Digital Business Unit… invests in the group’s digital transformation and supports all our customers to ensure this transition takes place as safely and smoothly as possible