The ambition of Le Groupe La Poste and its Purchasing Department

● Transparency: the stakeholders involved in the purchasing action undertake to contribute with the buyer to strict compliance with the purchasing rules and ethics;

● Traceability of actions: they must be able to justify to their internal or external control bodies their choices and decisions, which must lead to written documents held in the purchasing file;

● Independence of judgement: employees in contact with suppliers must not accept any sum of money, gift or personal invitation of any kind whatsoever;

● Honesty and probity: the stakeholders in the purchasing process must also respect the confidential nature of information obtained from suppliers, the disclosure of which would be likely to harm their interests. The buyer and the stakeholders involved in the purchasing process must take care to limit the situation of dependence on La Poste for the contracting company. They must ensure that they do not knowingly accept conditions that are economically unviable for the supplier;

● Equality of each supplier in the access to the various contracts proposed by the Group