An accessible site

  • This site offers many features that allow a very good accessibility of its content:
  • The layout of the site is done using a style sheet to ensure that the structure of the information is preserved.
  • All images have a textual alternative
  • Font sizes are relative so that they can be expanded and reduced using the options available on your browser.
  • All animations can be stopped (stop button in the right corner at the bottom of the animation)
  • The pages are organized to be quite functional, even if your browser does not support javascript.
  • It is possible to navigate on this site using keyboard shortcuts (see in particular the list of keyboard shortcuts below).
  • The site provides a hidden navigation bar at the top of the page for some technical aids.
  • The accessibility of the site conforms best to the Accessibility Repository of Internet Services of the French Administration (ADAE reference).

Keyboard shortcuts

This site can be browsed without using a mouse. The following keyboard shortcuts allow you to directly access the most common pages of the site, such as the home page.

Documents in PDF format

In the site you will find downloadable documents in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from the Adobe website: download Acrobat Reader.

You can also turn PDF documents into standard HTML pages using Adobe's online conversion engine; you must then copy the address of the link to the file in PDF and paste it in the field provided for this purpose. This tool is available at the following address: Adobe's online conversion tool. Note that depending on the complexity of the PDF document, the conversion obtained can give a more or less satisfactory result.