What is French IoT?

The leading French programme dedicated to assisting and developing innovative connected services, associating start-ups with major groups. The programme relies on the strength of a comprehensive ecosystem of expert partners and the power of the Digital Hub platform, a service enabler and driver of new offerings.

Launched by Le Groupe La Poste in 2015, this programme is designed for the long haul, with the third batch of start-ups and co-sponsoring partners in 2017 around the topics of Health, the Company – quality of life at work or industrial IoT –, the Smart City & Smart Home.

Every year, the programme is geared to selectiveness, given that the “label” French IoT is widely used by start-ups within the community and is recognized for its ability to open doors to investment partners, incubators and so on. It also takes the form of a call for national applications passed on by our partners in each region and abroad (Europe, Israel and USA in 2017). It is open to budding entrepreneurs at the stage of the concept where start-ups are preparing for business acceleration. The characteristics that make a difference are robustness of technology, quality of the business model, innovation in use, and the team’s ability to scale up.

Specific programme characteristics

- Give budding French entrepreneurs access to the broad ecosystem mobilized by Le Groupe La Poste thanks to its recognized positioning as a trusted third party and a key actor when it comes to simplifying everyday life for the general public. The programme provides access to nine French IoT major partner groups in addition to Le Groupe La Poste and to a far-ranging network of mentors, experts, clients and investors;

-      Ensure that they benefit from the digital platform of Docapost, a Le Groupe La Poste subsidiary, and the expertise of the Group’s digital department, particularly with regard to innovation and data;

-      Assist them over the long term with the development of their “go 2 market” with the high point for any start-up, the revealing moment of the Consumer Electronic Show;

-      Provide them with simplified access to the Group’s innovation partners;

o   The Group’s business accelerator, StartIn’Post, for funding market entry tests;

o   The Group’s Innovation and Business Unit Departments like the Time 2 Test, a programme driven by the Group’s Services-Mail-Parcels Business Unit, proposing a three-month test of solutions that could optimize postal assets (equipment, real property, etc.) prior to possible benchmarking of solutions.

accelerated start-up in three years since 2015, i.e. that have enjoyed all-round support
incubating start-ups
start-up connected to the Digital Hub, La Poste’s online service platform

French IoT at CES 2018

-      14 start-ups present at La Poste’s Eureka Park stand in five families representing connected life: my home, my company, my health, my smart city and smart industry;

-      3 start-up solutions to be explored in La Poste’s “Simplify life” universe, at La Poste’s stand in the Sands Hotel;

-      2 Docapost offerings resulting from the start-up – La Poste co-innovation on the two stands: Atwork and OnDemand;

-      11 start-ups from the French IoT community (previous winners) will also be present at the CES.

2017 winners of French IoT contest

15 start-ups with La Poste at CES 2018 with their innovations about 5 fields of connected life - my house, my business, my health, my smart city & smart industry: Eisox, Aimergence, Qarnot, Orosound, Acloud, Kiplin, Atwork, Sil Lab, Diabeloop, Medicus, Apitrak, Novyspec, Wavely, Atmotrack, Velco.