“Place de la république” in Fleurey-sur-Ouche : mission accomplished

2 min

Manuel Griffond, team manager at the Pouilly-en-Auxois mail distribution centre, Philippe Tinture, manager of the sales space in the Vitteaux post office, and Frédéric, mail carrier, presented the postal offerings and solutions at the La Poste booth set up for the occasion. Kildine Bataille, the regional development and local relations officer for Côte d’Or, spoke about what having them there meant: “Their presence and expertise helped us in terms of image, but also in terms of our Group's growth. Collectively, they were able to show that La Poste is undergoing major transformation and can adapt to the needs of the French people: all French people, everywhere!” 

There was an initial report: Three pre-sales of the La Poste Mobile router, four sales of Red Cross stamp books, 12 sales of tracked letter stickers, 17 advance personal online account memberships (La Poste Account), ten pre-sales of the Ardoiz, and three pre-sales of the VSMP (“Watch Over My Parents”) service.

This was also an opportunity to meet organisations and present them with La Banque Postale's “Rue des associations” (organisation street) and the laposte.net account, as well as to speak with elected officials and local policy-makers about health and preventive measures challenges surrounding ageing.