CES 2019: Mes Médicaments Chez Moi

The app providing faster links between patients, pharmacies and healthcare providers by simplifying medication delivery.

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Do you have difficulty with going to the pharmacy to collect your medication? Your mail carrier can do it for you! Simply register on the app and scan your prescription. Your mail carrier comes to your home, picks up your prescription and Vitale health insurance card, and returns within one working day with your medication. Currently being tested in a number of towns, this offer will become available throughout France, including remote areas. With Mes Médicaments Chez Moi, La Poste simplifies patients’ lives.

Who we areWhowe are

The Mes Médicaments Chez Moi service is part of the healthcare ecosystem developed by Le Groupe La Poste, starting with the launch of La Poste eSanté in January 2018. It aims to provide simpler, tailored, digitised pathways that help to improve patients’ links to their healthcare providers. Teams are currently working on the service’s interconnectivity with La Poste eSanté, Digiposte+ Ma Santé and Docapost – the leading health data host in France – in close collaboration with the Le Groupe La Poste e-health ecosystem. Externally, they are working with pharmacy groups (Pharmabest, Aprium) and laboratories.

The strengthsOurstrengths

From now on you’ll enjoy an inside line straight to your pharmacist, thanks to the direct chat feature accessible from your mobile app account. What is more, medication delivery is highly secure and confidential; health data is hosted on the La Poste eSanté server, which has been approved by Docapost as a health data host (Hébergement Agrée Données de Santé). Last but not least, the app will be able to help patients properly adhere to treatments and medication prescriptions by sending them reminders to take their medication, meaning it will contribute to achieving high adherence levels in France.

In the face of a rise in chronic illnesses and the age pyramid, both of which indicate increasing dependency issues, the Mes Médicaments Chez Moi service can help improve levels of proper medication adherence in today’s society. Proper adherence means a high degree of similarity between a patient’s behaviour and their proposed treatment. With chronic illnesses, difficulties in taking drugs means that adherence is often poor.

Today it is estimated that the national cost of poor adherence (01) amounts to nine billion euros, with chronic conditions currently affecting six million people. The four contributing factors to these costs are: the lack of medication, people forgetting or refusing to take their medication, and prescriptions not being renewed correctly due to a lack of synchronicity.

The Mes Médicaments Chez Moi solution combines a mobile app, website and mobile payment system with a network of mail carriers. All the patient has to do is create an account using the app or website, scan the prescription received during the appointment with their doctor, and send it to their pharmacy. Once the order has been recorded and approved, the mail carrier comes to the patient's home to pick up the original prescription and Vitale health insurance card. While this is happening, the order is being prepared by the pharmacist. The mail carrier picks up the order from the pharmacy and delivers the patient their medication on a day of their choice, guaranteeing confidential, secure and reliable delivery.

The app is to be available within 2 years, and is currently being piloted in Marseille, Bordeaux and the Limousin. The aim is for it to be available across the whole of France, everywhere from towns and cities to the most remote areas.

  1. According to the French Pharmaceutical Companies Association, LEEM, adherence is defined as the degree to which an ill person follows their practitioner's recommendations. Issues with adherence range from complete non-adherence to “proper” adherence, by way of various levels of partial adherence.