CES2019: Le Point Multiservices

A local service for urban blocks combining human presence with digital permanence to simplify everyone’s lives, every day. This innovation was presented at La Poste's stand at CES 2019.

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Le Point Multiservices is a package of integrated local solutions. It looks ahead to the urban block of the future by simplifying the lives of residents, employees, tradespeople and shopkeepers at neighbourhood level. This solution combines the temporary presence of a mail carrier at a help desk with a digital helpline via a mobile app. It fits into innovative urban projects by providing an extended range of services.

Who we areWhowe are

This is a new delivery channel designed by La Poste. Its highly-localised nature puts it at the heart of the Group’s ecosystem, incorporating all its products and services (Pickup, Axéo, Digiposte, etc.), as well as several partnerships (Facteurs Graines, Altarea, etc.). The service is currently in its pre-launch phase. It is through to the final stages of the “Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris 2” call for projects.

The strengthsOurstrengths

Le Point Multiservices has three key features. A reception desk at the entrance to the building, at the heart of residents’ living space. A mail carrier, also known as a “postal ambassador”, who manages the desk, supports residents and creates cohesion within the urban block. And, last but not least, a mobile app which complements the postal ambassador's role and gives users access to a range of services – from picking up parcels to controlling energy expenditure and finding trusted childminders.

The range of services includes picking up/dropping off parcels, attending neighbourhood events, getting help in dealing with smart objects and controlling energy expenditure, finding trusted service providers for childminding or housekeeping, renting electric bicycles online, managing co-working spaces, storing essential documents in a secure digital safe, and even getting support with admin.

These are all provided as a human-led local service in the form of a postal ambassador, who is physically present on the premises for at least 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. A permanent digital presence is also guaranteed 24/7 via the mobile app.

This service is both BtoB and BtoC. It is aimed at social housing associations, real estate developers, planners and investors who themselves provide facilities for residents, shopkeepers, companies, employees and tradespeople.