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CES 2019: YogEye

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Headaches? Tired eyes? Heavy eyelids at the end of the day? Like three in four French people, you are undoubtedly suffering from eye strain. Time spent looking at screens and bad habits tire out our eyes and damage our vision. The well-being app YogEye proposes a series of simple exercises that provide a quick workout for you eye muscles, therefore protecting your eyesight.

Who we areWhowe are

To keep people healthy and constantly increase their quality of life, La Poste is launching YogEye, an intrapreneurial project designed by the Docapost Design & Innovation team in the group’s digital business unit. The team also draws on the expertise of recognised eye yoga teachers such as Xanath Lichy.

The strengthsOurstrengths

YogEye is the first application in the eye yoga market, and is part of a drive for individual well-being. It offers short sessions that are easy to do every day, via an original audio experience. The programmes are personalised to suit individual wishes and needs (improving concentration, developing creativity, etc.)

7 hours and 50 minutes: this is the time that the average French person spends in front of a screen each day. Computers, telephones, tablets and televisions of all kinds: screens encourage a fixed gaze and close-up vision, which damage the eyes and eyesight. To help French people look after their eyes naturally and safely on an everyday basis, we have created YogEye, the first audio coach to offer a series of exercises that work the eye muscles, to protect the eyesight.

YogEye may be a mobile application, but it does not require the user to stare at their screen to use it: all the sessions are audio recordings. Designed to be accessible to everyone, they guide the user through the sessions from start to finish. Eventually, the application will include hundreds of exercises, grouped into 4 programmes: Concentration, memory, relaxation & creativity. In addition to these programmes, there will also be specific sessions such as “sleeping well” or “preparing for driving”.

Through these sessions, YogEye helps to protect the eyesight using eye yoga and relaxation sessions to combat eye strain and work the eye muscles.